Volume 21, Number 2 - June 2018

Getting the most from your ADEA membership

Vy Le and

ADEA Business Development Manager

Rachel Freeman

BHSc (Nut & Diet), MSc (Diabetes), APD, CDE

Professional Services Manager, ADEA

After attaining a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Dietetics) at the University of Newcastle in 2002, Rachel spent 3 years working in Inpatient/Outpatient Service roles within various locations in New South Wales and Victoria within the public health system. This work experience provided Rachel with clear insight into the needs of patients with diabetes and a desire to develop a meaningful career in this field.

In 2007, Rachel obtained a Graduate Certificate (Diabetes Education), as well as establishing a private dietetics and diabetes education consultation practice in Perth of which she was the Director until 2011.

From 2011-2013 Rachel continued clinical work as a Diabetes Dietitian and Diabetes Educator for NSW Health. During this time, Rachel was also involved in national policy reviews and national guideline development for various projects relating to people with diabetes.

In 2015 Rachel completed a Master of Science (Diabetes) with a project to evaluate the ADEA mentoring program.

As Professional Services Manager at ADEA, Rachel responds to all enquiries from members, health care professionals and the general public regarding professional matters. Her role includes liaising with stakeholders on various projects and programs to continually support ADEA members and to improve the health care of people with diabetes. Contact Rachel at po@adea.com.au


ADEA provides you with a range of valuable, cost-saving membership benefits that support your career development and needs in practice. We will continue to feature these benefits over the coming editions. In this edition we explore the ADEA Fellowship.

As a leading association for diabetes educators and health professionals with special interest in diabetes, the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) offers you (our members) a platform to advance your thinking, develop your skills, grow your potential and fulfil your education needs.
ADEA provides you with a range of valuable, cost-saving membership benefits that support your career development and needs in practice.

Some of the key benefits for you as an ADEA member are:

  • The opportunity to join the Credentialling program (eligible for full members)
  • The possibility of becoming a Fellow (eligible for full CDE members)
  • Special registration rates to attend ADEA events, branch conferences and the Australasian Diabetes Congress
  • Advocacy to increase awareness of the work our members are providing and to protect members’ interests
  • Access to education and clinical resources, including standards, clinical guidelines and policy statements; and invitation to join the development of these resources
  • Access to free and discounted professional development opportunities and ability to contribute to the development of these activities
  • Opportunities to join networking events with thought leaders in diabetes, diabetes care and education
  • Access to awards and scholarships
  • Access to commercial benefits and discounts

Over the next few editions of the ADE, we will provide you with more details into each of these membership benefits.

ADEA Fellowship

In 2017, the ADEA added a new membership award, the Fellowship, FADEA. This membership category awards long-term members who have continually maintained their credentialling status for 15 years or more.

Previously, there was no mechanism to identify long-term members with extensive experience and achievements. Other health professional bodies including the Australian College of Nursing (ACN) and the Dietitian Association of Australia (DAA) award fellowship status to eligible members. Fellowship of ACN is a prestigious member status awarded to recognise a member’s significant professional achievement whereas fellowship of DAA is to acknowledge high profile and proactive leading dietitians who are recognised as experts both nationally and internationally.

The post-nominal FADEA is a certification and recognition of your achievement and contribution to diabetes leadership, education and management. It enables your colleagues and clients to recognise the depth and extension of your expertise and qualifications in diabetes education. Holders of the FADEA post-nominal have proven themselves through their experience and validation from colleagues. Fellows will also have opportunities to present at leadership forums at ADEA conferences.

To apply for FADEA, you are required to:

  • Maintain your credentialling status continually for at least 15 years
  • Have been working full time in diabetes for the immediate past five years
  • Obtain endorsement from two CDEs who:
    o Have been CDEs for at least five years
    o Have known you for at least five years
    o Can verify your work in diabetes

Some of the current FADEAs are:

  • Marita Ariola, RN CDE FADEA
  • George Barker, RN CDE NP FADEA
  • Jane Giles, RN CDE FADEA
  • Collette Hooper, RN CDE FADEA
  • Carolien Koreneff, RN CDE FADEA
  • Heike Krausse, RN CDE FADEA
  • Dr Kate Marsh, AdvAPD CDE FASLM FADEA
  • Giuliana Murfet, RN CDE NP FADEA
  • Peta Tauchmann, RN CDE FADEA

More information about FADEA is available on the ADEA website here


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