Volume 24, Number 1 - May 2021

Meet ADEA President

Rachel Freeman and

BHSc (Nut & Diet), MSc (Diabetes), APD, CDE

Professional Services Manager, ADEA

After attaining a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Dietetics) at the University of Newcastle in 2002, Rachel spent 3 years working in Inpatient/Outpatient Service roles within various locations in New South Wales and Victoria within the public health system. This work experience provided Rachel with clear insight into the needs of patients with diabetes and a desire to develop a meaningful career in this field.

In 2007, Rachel obtained a Graduate Certificate (Diabetes Education), as well as establishing a private dietetics and diabetes education consultation practice in Perth of which she was the Director until 2011.

From 2011-2013 Rachel continued clinical work as a Diabetes Dietitian and Diabetes Educator for NSW Health. During this time, Rachel was also involved in national policy reviews and national guideline development for various projects relating to people with diabetes.

In 2015 Rachel completed a Master of Science (Diabetes) with a project to evaluate the ADEA mentoring program.

As Professional Services Manager at ADEA, Rachel responds to all enquiries from members, health care professionals and the general public regarding professional matters. Her role includes liaising with stakeholders on various projects and programs to continually support ADEA members and to improve the health care of people with diabetes. Contact Rachel at po@adea.com.au

Anna Lawrence

Anna is an RN, CDE with experience in general practice, community health, inpatient care and more recently private practice. Anna’s passion for prevention fuelled her drive to create her own private practice to support those in her community to create lifestyle changes for early prevention of diabetes and to empower those living with diabetes to self-manage this condition.

The flexibility that can come with self-employment has also been an appealing draw for her being in the midst of life with a young family. hello@lifestylestolast.com.au



In this article, read all about Tracey Tellam RN CDE and current ADEA President.

Tracey answers some questions below that we posed to her during a recent podcast.

To listen to the podcast, hosted by Jan Alford, and also featuring Amanda Bartlett, ADEA’s current Vice President, click here: Introduction to ADEA Board President and Vice President


My journey in diabetes education

I was working in a large public hospital emergency department in Melbourne. Many of the patients presenting to ED had Diabetes and or Diabetes related conditions. I felt I could improve the care of these patients by understand more about Diabetes.

So I completed the Mayfield course in 2000. I went on to become credentialled by working as a volunteer diabetes educator at Diabetes Vic and then at Logan Diabetes Service in Queensland.

My primary discipline is a registered nurse, I currently work as the Diabetes Clinical Nurse consultant for the Ipswich Diabetes Service.


Being a Member of the ADEA Board

The ADEA Board is a national board of Directors made up of CDE and independent Directors.

The board is responsible for the overall governance, management and strategic direction of ADEA, and for delivering accountable performance in accordance with ADEA’s goals and objectives. This responsibility is set out in the ADEA constitution.

As a Board Director, I attend quarterly Board meetings where we work through the ADEA strategic plan to ensure that ADEA is meeting the needs of it’s members and ultimately people with diabetes, in everything that we do as an Association.

Recent ADEA projects have been working towards meeting strategies that the Board set in 2020. For example, one strategy is to promote the brand and raise awareness of the CDE. The diabetes referral pathways project is a major piece if work that is being developed to meet this strategy. The Board monitors this project, ensuring that outcomes are in line with the strategy and the budget.

The CDE education review is another ADEA project that is currently underway. This project is another strategy to ensure CDEs meet the needs of people with diabetes in an ever-changing field of diabetes management and education.


The role of the President

The president is responsible for taking a leading role in keeping the vision alive for ADEA, transforming lives through excellence in diabetes education and setting the course to achieve this vision, chairing the board meetings to ensure discussions are relevant and effective, and working with the CEO to assist the ADEA office to meet the strategies.


My advice to those just starting out in diabetes education

Complete an ADEA accredited Graduate certificate in Diabetes Education and Management, engage with ADEA for support and ongoing learning opportunities, and attend ADEA meetings and conferences. When attending meetings and conferences put yourself out there and network with other diabetes educators. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise out there with many diabetes educators willing to share their insights. You meet great people and make life-long friends.


Life away from diabetes

I enjoy cooking and I try to cook a new recipe every week.

I try to get to the beach every weekend to go walking and swimming and enjoy getting outside in the fresh air.

I am a confessed binge watcher.

I have 2 adult children and one grandchild so I spend as much time as I can with them.

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