Volume 23, Number 2 - June 2020

Now people with diabetes have more choice in blood glucose and ketone monitoring

The CareSens Dual is great for those with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes on SGLT2 Inhibitors1 who may need to monitor both glucose and ketone levels.

Measurement time is fast and uses little blood: 5 seconds and 0.4 µl for glucose testing, and 8 seconds and 0.5 µl for ketone testing. The CareSens Dual uses no coding test strips, and offers test flagging options, extensive on board result averaging and a range of alarms.

For those with diabetes who like technology, the meter can quickly sync results to the SmartLog app via Bluetooth for more comprehensive data management. And for those diabetes educators who like technology, these results can be shared with you remotely. No more relying on paper logbooks!

The CareSens Dual use CareSens PRO blood glucose test strips for monitoring glucose (NDSS code 320), and KetoSens strips for monitoring ketones (pack of 10, RRP: $8.99). To help get monitoring underway, each meter set comes with 10 CareSens PRO strips and 50 lancets.

Pharmaco are delighted to be able to support you with the provision of free Dual meters for your practice/clinic. Plus we also offer a free pocket size ketone action card that you can provide with each CareSens Dual meter. This is a handy reference regarding checking for ketones and actions to take.

You can order through our HCP Portal, and also earn CPD points while learning how to use the Dual meter – visit www.pharmacodiabetes-hcp.com.au


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ALERT UPDATE January 2020: Periprocedural Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) with SGLT2 Inhibitor Use [internet], 2020. Available from: http://Website URL  https://diabetessociety.com.au/documents/ADS_DKA_SGLT2i_Alert_update_2020.pdf

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