Volume 23, Number 4 - December 2020

See your patient’s blood glucose and ketone results, even if you can’t ‘see’ them!


While face-to-face consultations with patients has been much harder this year, the need to connect with them and review their latest results is still a top priority.

This is where SmartLog software can really help. Results are stored in the patient’s phone app or desktop, and can be simply shared with you via email or synchronising to your desktop.

SmartLog App

The SmartLog app lets users store their blood glucose and ketone monitoring on a compatible mobile phone, ensuring results are close at hand.

For those using a CareSens Dual or CareSens N Premier meter, the Bluetooth functionality allows results to be automatically uploaded from the meter to the app. For those using other CareSens meters, results can be entered manually into the app.

Data can be displayed in log book and graphical formats, which can be emailed directly to you from the app. Individual readings can also be shared directly from the app to another mobile phone with the SmartLog app through agreed sharing.

Synchronising the app with SmartLog web also allows you to access your patient’s blood glucose and ketone readings on your SmartLog desktop, in real time.


SmartLog Desktop

SmartLog desktop offers the features of the app, but with a greater range of reports and data analysis.

It can be used by your patients at home, and you in your clinic (which may also be at home!).

Patients can share their results with you via SmartLog web, which synchronises their monitoring with your SmartLog desktop. For those returning to face to face appointments, patients can bring their meter and you can upload their data on the spot.

SmartLog is available free as both an app (compatible AndroidTM and iOSTM smartphones) and for desktop (WindowsTM and MacTM operating systems).

To learn more and download SmartLog visit our Health Care Professional Portal

Your patients can learn more and download here 





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