Volume 23, Number 3 - November 2020

CareSens N Voice. The meter that talks!


For those with diabetes and impaired vision, monitoring blood glucose levels can be challenging. The CareSens N Voice meter, with its talking function, large screen and numbers, can help.

The CareSens N Voice reads out the result at the time of testing, as well as individual results in the memory.  It prompts the user when ready to test, and an audio signal indicates when sufficient sample has been applied. The meter also has a test strip ejector for the easy removal of a used test strip.

Use of the CareSens N Voice is supported with an audio manual produced in collaboration with Vision Australia. The manual is available on our website https://www.pharmacodiabetes.com.au/products/meters/caresens-n-voice/

The CareSens N Voice uses CareSens N blood glucose test strips (NDSS code 322). Each meter set comes with 10 CareSens N strips and 50 lancets. Measurement time is fast (5 seconds) and uses little blood (0.5 µl).

Pharmaco are delighted to be able to support you with the provision of free CareSens N Voice meters for your visually impaired clients. Please contact us on 1800 114 610 or support@pharmacodiabetes.com.au

With a range of five meters, CareSens helps meet the different needs of those with diabetes.


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