Volume 24, Number 3, Number 4 - December 2021

Engage more people with blood glucose management


The CONTOUR®NEXT connected and CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meters, connected to the CONTOUR®DIABETES App provide blood glucose monitoring in an easy-to-use way which can help people with diabetes become more engaged and motivated in their blood glucose management1

In a study of insulin-treated people with diabetes using the CONTOUR® system:1,*

  • 91% agreed the system helped them feel more engaged with their blood glucose management
  • 98% agreed the system provided them with a better understanding of their diabetes

The CONTOUR® systems provide many benefits to help a person make informed decisions, and for you to have more meaningful discussions with them by sharing clear and accurate blood glucose histories. It is useful to understand the features and see the impact it can have:

  • Highly accurate readings have been demonstrated by the CONTOUR®NEXT Connected2 and CONTOUR®NEXT ONE3 blood glucose monitoring systems, so people with diabetes and their healthcare professionals can be reassured of the insights and guidance provided.
  • The CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter has demonstrated a high probability of accurate readings in the low blood glucose range in a modelled analysis, so people with diabetes and physicians can be reassured of the insights and guidance provided.4
  • smartLIGHT®, coloured target ranges provide reliable and actionable feedback that allow people with diabetes to make timely, relevant decisions5
  • Second-Chance®Sampling feature can help waste less strips especially when a person is unable to apply sufficient blood on their first try. The meters give an extra 60 seconds to apply more blood to the same strip without having to prick their finger again.
  • Using the CONTOUR®DIABETES App eliminates writing each reading as it automatically syncs the data when in range. Additionally, there are 4 reports to choose from to support your blood glucose management recommendations.

In a study of multiple daily injection insulin-treated people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes using the system, integrating the CONTOUR®DIABETES App into their daily routine encouraged people to improve their lifestyle and follow a healthier diet, which included more fruits and vegetables. It also helped improve glycaemic control through greater adherence to self-monitoring of blood glucose and significantly decreased HbA1c values. People have accomplished these improvements without reducing their empowerment or quality of life.6, *

While the CONTOUR®NEXT Connected and CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meters can be used on their own, connecting with the CONTOUR®DIABETES App gives more context about readings and can simplify blood glucose management. The app can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Play store with no subscription or in-app purchases.

Upgrade people with diabetes today to the CONTOUR®NEXT connected meter or CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter. You can direct them to request a free meter through SwitchToNext  or you can contact your Ascensia Diabetes Care representative or our local customer service support team at customerenquiries@ascensia.com or  1800 289 312 (weekdays, 9am-5pm AEST).

* This study was conducted using the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter and CONTOUR®DIABETES app. Other blood glucose monitoring systems may have differing results.

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